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Should Tony Bellew fight Tyson Fury?

Tony Jeffries believes that Tony Bellew should take Tyson Fury fight, on one condition

TYSON FURY wants to step in and box Tony Bellew now that David Haye has pulled out.

I think Bellew should take this fight; I believe he will beat Fury – if they fight on December 17 over 12 rounds.

And people may think I’m crazy, but I think Bellew will stop the Gypsy King within 12 rounds, no way at all can Fury get in shape to do a 12 round fight within just over three weeks.

I am a friend and a fan of both Fury and Bellew, and to be honest I think it would be sad to see Fury get in the ring on December 17 because he won’t look great. I would love to see Fury have a warm-up fight next year, then fight Anthony Joshua in the summer.

But for Bellew this is a huge opportunity to beat one of the biggest names in heavyweight boxing in the last five years. With Fury’s inactivity, lack of training, sparring, etc. this is the time to fight him. For Bellew’s sake, I hope they jump on this. I know people talk about the size difference but we all remember when Haye fought Nikolai Valuev, Haye boxed circles around him. Because of Fury’s inactivity I see Bellew doing the same and because of Fury not having a proper training camp, it would come to an end with in 12

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