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Tyson Fury vs David Price – you know it makes sense

Tony Jeffries details why Tyson Fury vs David Price should be made

TYSON FURY vs David Price! I’m a fan and friends with both of these lads, especially Pricey, who was the captain of my Olympic Boxing team from the 2008 Games where we both picked up bronze medals.

They have been going back and forth on Twitter lately, which really puts a smile on my face.

This is a fight that I really want to see. It makes so much sense for both fighters; Fury has been talking a lot for a long time about making the comeback and beating Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder.

Right now, he looks like an overweight giant and for him to get back to fighting shape is going to take months and months of consistent training and dieting, which is so mentally tough. But Tyson is very capable of doing this. He is very tough mentally – no one achieves what he has without having a champion mindset.

There have been a few videos released showing his training now and even though he is out of shape, you can see he still has his speed and skill and his timing is still there.

He would be crazy to come straight back and fight Joshua in his first fight – he needs a warm-up fight.

It would have to be sellable so he could make money and right now there is no other fight that could sell as well as him and his old rival Mr. Price.

Pricey, an Olympic medalist from the ’08 Games was the last person to beat Fury back in the amateur days. When David was the number one super-heavyweight in Great Britain, Fury was number two.

The six-foot-nine Liverpudlian, who has KO’d 18 of his 21 wins, punches like a mule. I believe if he lands, he can knock out any heavyweight in the world and I think if a fight comes off with Fury it will be the perfect for him too. I think a win over Fury is very possible. In fact, if I had to bet, I would put my money on Pricey.

The big winner in this fight would be us as fight fans.

I had Pricey on my podcast last year and advised him to use social media more for this sort of thing. Whether he took my advice or not, I see him doing it and I’m loving it. Social media can make fighters millions and if this fight happens we will see how.

Listen to the podcast I did with Pricey HERE

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