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84: LIFE | Ryan Munsey - Mindset, Success & Business



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Show Notes Ep. 84 – F*** Your Feelings with Ryan Munsey

  • We all have the ability to find the information. Tools for success in life. (3:00)

  • Constantly seek to learn and expand your horizon. Why we earn our right to be alive through the ability to serve. (8:25)

  • Examine your legacy. Who would stand in the rain at your gravesite? (11:57)

  • It’s as simple as a smile. How to live a stronger, healthier life for every person you cross paths with.  (17:20)

  • The Law of Attraction. How your network is your net worth. (21:10)

  • There is no such thing as luck! The path to success and enjoying the little things in between. (24:24)

  • The pros/cons of Social Media when it comes to your kids. (37:50)

  • The sad life of a professional boxer. (47:05)

  • Success principles for brain health in boxing. (51:30)

  • Trends for business success through the ability toimplement and communicate. (56:28)

  • The 3rd Party Principle. Tips to expand your network. (1:06:10)

  • “A year from now you wish you started today.” Tips to do the work and keep the right company around you. (1:09:20)

  • Tips from Tony to #BeBetter and #DoBetter - Don’t look for perfection and the power of giving to others. (1:19:28)

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