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86: LIFE | Mind Pump - Online Business, Delivering Value, Sexual Culture



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Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer and Justin Andrews sit down with Box N Burn’s Tony Jeffries, Glenn Holmes, and Kevan Watson for a conversation on the effects of hormones on your body, delivering value in business, and sex in today’s society.


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Show Notes

Tony intros the episode and previews the discussion topics with the guys from Mind Pump. (0:00)


The guys talk about their general fitness, and Adam’s recent achilles tear, and how he recently discovered the correlation between low testerone levels and tendon damage.(3:00)


Tony asks the guys about exercise and its effect on stress.  (17:50)


The MP guys talk about their online HIIT program. (21:40)


Tony tells the guys about the what a success the BNB Academy has been (27:00)


Mind Pump describes all their various platforms and how critical their online forum is to their strategy. This segues into the importance of delivering value in business.  (29:00)


A discussion on cryptocurrency and investing in general. (40:40)


Tony asks them what is next for their business, and the guys discuss their plans for classes for trainers, creating 4-6 programs a year, and podcast consulting. (45:35)


The conversation changes to sex in today’s society, and how accessible sex has become. (54:40)

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