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Ep 76: Dr. Charles Bernick. MD, MPH



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In this episode of the Box N Life podcast, it's all about brain health. Tony and Kevan sit down with Dr. Charles Bernick, MD, MPH, is the Associate Medical Director, Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health. Dr. Bernick has been involved in the field of Alzheimer’s disease research and treatment for close to 20 years. In this episode, you will learn about Tony’s results from his recent brain scan.


What is CTE? What are the symptoms and what can fighters do to protect themselves? Dr. Bernick dives into why Alzheimer’s so prevalent in today’s world? Is politics involved? Diet an issue?

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Show Notes


  • What is dementia 60 sec video:

  • Dr. Bernick talks about who he is and what his clinic is doing? (7:00)

  • Dr. Bernick goes over Tony’s results on the air (7:46)

    • Key to get athletes back on constant basis

  • What is CTE? They discuss important finding with Tony’s results (11:18)

  • What are the early symptoms of CTE? What can you do to protect yourself? (14:20)

    • Mediterranean diet

    • Exercise

    • Protect yourself

    • Keeping mind active

  • What are the benefits of visiting the clinic? (17:55)

    • Keep you at higher level of function

  • Why is Alzheimer’s so prevalent in today’s world? Politics involved? Diet an issue? (20:31)

    • People living longer and genetics 




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