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Ep 66: Andy Murphy leading performance coach

AUGUST 22, 2017

Andy Murphy is a leading high-pressure performance coach for 7 and 8-figure entrepreneurs. He is not your typical mindset guru or NLP mental performance coach - and this is not your typical “design your dream life" podcast episode.


In this episode we examine how do athletes rid themselves of their identity, what is a peak/flow state, what can listeners do today to increase their productivity and what is the Conor McGregor mindset?




• If someone was to meet you, what would you say you do for a living? (1:25)

o “I help people.” 2:00

• Do you work much with people in the fitness industry? (3:17)

o Find out what their purpose is 4:54

• Do you use the angle, especially with athletes competing at high level; how do you translate the qualities of competing at a high level to business and being competitive and successful? (5:02)

o Get rid of identity of being a fighter 6:13

• What kind of training would you do with these fighters/athletes? (6:50)

o Anchors • What kind of businesses/people does he work with? (7:40)

o We get boxed in by our boundaries… 8:30

• How do we open that box and let things in? (12:25)

o What is it that you want? 14:00

o Peak states

• How can you separate family life from work? (18:35)

o Who do I got to be right now? 19:30

• What is a high pressure performance coach? (22:30)

o Once we know what the goal is, we reverse engineer it to achieve it 23:53

• Andy discusses the flow state (26:25)

• Why he doesn’t believe in procrastination (28:49)

o Out of alignment

• What does he do to train his own mind? (29:50)

o I’m my own student 30:00

o Personal development industry… 32:10

• What can listeners do today to improve their sales technique (33:10)

o Biggest default setting in the brain is to keep you safe 33:43

o Focus on the outcome 36:39

o That is sales, timing and numbers 39:12

• Andy talks about his program (42:03)

o Use your Google Calendar 43:03

o Your network is your net worth 47:25

• They discuss the Conor McGregor mindset (49:00)

o Law of attraction

o Belief in himself

• What can you do to feel better? (56:45)

o Natural serotonin pills

o Smile

o Do what makes you happy

o Binaural beats


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