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Ep 69: Private Planes & Earn More, Spend More



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SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

Ep 69: Flying Private, Earn More and Spend More


In this episode, Tony and Glenn talk about LA living. Tony talks about his time in Hollywood with family and Minnie Mouse counting her cash. They discuss renting vs. buying in LA, Glenn getting arrested, bicyclists and their encounters with homeless people.

Tony talks about the time he flew private and the guys discuss what they would do if money wasn't an issue. Finally, they do into depth on loving what you do and hard work.


Show Notes Ep. 69 – Tony and Glenn talk LA Living

  • Tony goes to Hollywood with family and friends (3:12)

    • Characters on Hollywood Blvd.

    • Guys who want you to listen to their music

    • I love LA (Tourist gift shops)

  • Rent in LA, rather than buy (13:30)

    • Property tax

    • Investment

  • Tony talks shady people in LA (18:25)

    • People suing them

    • Things handled differently in the UK

  • Glenn talks about getting arrested (20:51)

  • Guys talk people having guns (24:30)

  • Bicyclists in LA (26:15)

  • Glenn/Tony talk homeless stories (32:10)

    • Glenn gets spat on by homeless guy

    • Venice Beach the mansion of homeless-ness

  • Guys talk Ray Donovan and celebrities getting out of trouble (39:40)

  • Tony talks charity class for Breast Cancer Awareness (43:19)

  • Tony talks flying on private jet (44:55)

  • Guys talk what they would do if money wasn’t an issue / Love what you do (49:13)

    • Humble beginnings

    • Earn more money and spend more

    • Happiness in doing what you love

    • Swapping time for money

    • Have to work your ass off!

  • Glenn talks Dragons Den (1:14:10)

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The Minnie Mouse that robbed Tony!

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