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Tony Jeffries reflects on Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

In his Letter from America Tony Jeffries gives his take on the big fight, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

IT’S over! The biggest fight in combat sports, Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor is finally last week’s news.

The pound-for-pound best boxer for the last decade actually lost the first three rounds against a ‘zero-fight novice’ who just about all boxing fans thought didn’t deserve to be in the ring with him before the fight took place.

In fact, McGregor actually landed more punches on Mayweather in those nine-and-a-half rounds than Manny Pacquiao managed in 12 rounds.This was a better fight than I could have ever imagined. I honestly thought that Mayweather was going to win inside five rounds and I even bet $1,000 on that outcome. I also had a $2,000 bet on with Showtime pundit Brendan Schaub that the fight wouldn’t go the distance, so even though I lost one bet, I won another!I have so much respect for both fighters after this, especially McGregor. Yeah, his cardio ran low, but to build enough stamina for a 12-round boxing match takes years of preparation. That’s why pro fighters start off in four-round fights, then move up to six, before eight and finally 10 before they get a title fight over 12 rounds. It normally takes three or four years and over 18 fights to get to this level, but McGregor did it in his first fight.

He’s only ever had two five-round fights and before that, they were only three rounds. Imagine the mentality of getting through six tough rounds with one of the sport’s greatest ever and knowing you’re only half way there. That is tough!

What a great eight weeks or so build-up it was, though. This fight was on the lips of just about everyone I’ve spoken to for the last couple of months, and my favorite thing about it being over is not being asked who I think would win.

I thought Mayweather looked old in there, but that old man has so much experience. After he weathered the early storm, his experience clearly came into play

I have just released my latest podcast where I break the fight down, talking about the mindset, game plans and the future for both fighters. Click here to listen:

As a fight fan, the number one reason you watch boxing is that it’s entertaining. As a fighter, the one reason you fight is for the money.

In this fight, everyone won. We were entertained and the fighters made more money than they would if they won the lottery.


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