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Something has to change with the boxing scoring system!

Something has to change with the boxing scoring system, we see it happen so many times when fighters and the public are complaining about the scores.

With this weekends huge fight with Canelo and GGG was another example of this, 99% of people thought GGG won easy, I thought he done enough to get the decision but didn't think it was easy.

1 judge Adalaide Byrd had GGG only winning 2 of the 12 rounds when another judge had him winning 7 rounds of the 12 rounds and winning the fight, now how can these scores be so far apart?

I get it if it's only 1 or 2 rounds but this is ridiculous!

I think when this happens, the Judge should be sat down and watch the fight back from the angle they where watching it, with other officials and explain their reasoning for the scoring.

If all the other officials disagree with them, then they should not be aloud to judge again, this will prevent or prevent people thinking that palms are being greased.

Judges and the public need to be on the same page on how to judge a fight, we can't have 1 judge, that judges fighters on defence, counter punching over fighter that have lots aggression and punch affectedness and another judge who scores on the opposite. They with the public need to be on the same page.

The reason I loved the old amateur scoring system because it was simple, you hit them you get a point, they hit you they get a point.

I would love to see this in the pro's where the person who hits the other person more in the round with a clean blow wins the round, and they should have that score on the TV screen at all times!

Maybe this is the way maybe it's not, either way so

Thing needs to change!

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