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Ep 80 - Luka Hocevar



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It’s all about helping people get where they are to where they want to be! Tony sits down with Luka Hocevar, entrepreneur, author, strength/fitness/business coach. They discuss building communities and Luka explains his system of blocking out his schedule. The guys talk about networking and its benefits, the like formula and principles of marketing. 
They go into detail on Wake up Warrior, Luka’s new project and the impact it is having on the world.

The positive addition of helping people and what is evolved enterprise and what it means to Luka. To check out Luka’s podcast (Vigor Life) and to view the show notes, please check out


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Show Notes


  • Help someone go from where they are to where they want to be (0:00) 

  • Goes where passion and purpose takes him (2:55) 

    • Building communities 

    • Does things in blocks 

    • Completes shit 

  • Does he ever switch off? (9:37) 

  • Networking and it’s benefits (12:09) 

    • Like formula – Proximity, frequency, and duration 

    • To be interesting you have to be interested 

  • Principles of Marketing (18:15) 

    • Marketing is communication 

    • Coaching and then the business of coaching

  • Wake Up Warrior (26:28) 

    • Chasing significance 

  • Have one gym and make it the best on the planet (33:21) 

    • The problem that got you here, won’t get you there 

  • The positive addiction of helping people (37:00) 

    • Drop the ego and get shit done 

    • Evolved Enterprise 

  • Where does he get the time to read? (43:25) 

    • Structure = Freedom 

  • Vigor Life Podcast (47:10) 

    • Leadership and coaching 

    • Skill sets and daily practices 

    • People are drowning in information



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