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Ep 73: The Halloween Episode



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In this special Halloween episode of the Box 'N Life Podcast,

Tony and Glenn discuss the differences between traditions in the UK compared to American culture. The guys get into a fun conversation regarding mushrooms and their recent love from them.

The excitement over their Online Academy dropping. How Bryan Callen auctioned off the Box 'N Burn trainers.

The guys get deep with educating yourself and taking action on what you have learned. Is technology taking over? Find out that and so much more on this episode of the Box 'N Life Podcast!



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Show Notes/Topics Discussed


  • Tony/Glenn discuss Halloween traditions in England (4:01)

  • Thanksgiving “Old Persons” Christmas (6:55)

  • Epic bars (8:10)

  • How do you not spoil your kids? (10:15)

  • Anthony Joshua recap (12:20)

  • Fight breakdowns from this past weekend (13:36)

  • Tony and Glenn talk mushrooms (19:25)

  • Online Box N Burn Academy up and running! (25:24)

  • Bryan Callen MC for Alzheimer’s Event (32:38)

  • Glenn “Mo-money, Mo-Problems” Holmes (36:09)

  • Educate yourself and taking action (45:15)

  • Guys talk Amazon domination (57:14)

  • Technology taking over? (1:04:00)

  • Tony/Glenn discuss idea of using Clear software to apply in daily life (1:08:20)

  • Final thoughts on Halloween plans (1:15:00)


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