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88: BOXING | Update on Tony's Life + Q&A



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Tony updates us on his life including his wife’s recent promotion, and take questions and answers from social media regarding all a wide range of topics.

•    Tony shares updates on his life/family and being self-conscious of his kids being bullied. (1:53)
•    He talks about celebrating his wife and her recent promotion. Her strong work ethic and the importance of nurses. (10:45)
•    Getting older, thinking about life, always keep learning and getting rid of tattoos. (15:45)
•    Tony talks about the importance of nutrition when it comes to brain health. (18:24)
•    Why the education system is flawed and what kids should be learning about in schools. (21:50)
•    Why you need to do what you love and the rest will follow. (27:30)
•    Podcasting training tips that Tony recommends you try now to improve your skill. (29:12)
•    Why Tony is drinking a glass of red wine each night for brain health. (32:10)
•    What books are Tony currently reading and the benefits of reading for the brain? (34:30)
•    Question #1 – Is it too late for a 24 year old guy to be a professional boxer/mma fighter? (39:00)
•    Question #2 – If you are starting as a new trainer, how do you know what mitt work is best to use for coach or what is right? (40:43)
•    Question #3 –What personal training certifications do you recommend? (44:33)
•    Question #4 –How do you train for boxing endurance? (47:42) 
•    Why is it so hard to find people with common sense? (49:10)

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•    Jay Ferruggia (@jayferruggia) • Instagram
•    Max Lugavere (@maxlugavere) • Instagram
•    Ryan Munsey (@ryanmunsey_) • Instagram
•    Joe Rogan (@joerogan) • Instagram
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