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Ep 63: Ben Greenfield - Triathlete & #1 Personal Trainer in US

JULY 26, 2017

The boy's traveled to Spoken, WA to podcast with the great Ben Greenfield! Ben Greenfield, Voted Number 1 Personal Trainer in the Nation in 2008, is a prominent expert voice in the burgeoning triathlon industry.


Known as "The Brain" of triathlon, he holds a Master's degree in exercise science and biomechanics, an ISSN Sports Nutrition Certification, a Serotta Bike Fit Certification, and the highest attainable certification as a Strength & Conditioning Coach by the NSCA.


He has competed in the Triathlon World Championships of Olympic, Half, and Full Ironman distances, and is the Number 1 ranked triathlete for Triathlon Northwest.







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