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Ep 79: Chris Algieri



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 In this episode of the Box N Life podcast, find out the championship mindset of a world-class fighter. Tony and Glenn sit down with Chris Algieri, the Former World Boxing Organization (WBO) Jr. Welterweight Boxing Champion, ISKA World Welterweight Kickboxing Champion, and WKA World Super Welterweight World Kickboxing Champion, with over 13 years professional fight experience.


Chris talks about how he got into boxing, shares stories of his late start, rise to fame and his mindset that sets him apart from others.


How do nutrition, diet, and education play a part in the longevity of a fighter’s career? The guys go into a deep conversation about brain health and boxing. Find out how his work in the ring and out is changing the lives and training of elite athletes from many different sports.



Show Notes


  • How did Chris get into boxing? Fall in love? (0:00)

  • Chris talks about his boxing career (2:56)

    • Chris divided the money and sold tickets himself!

    • Figure out social media and get out there!

  • How is his mindset when he gets knocked down? (6:30)

  • Once he became world champion, did he become complacent? (8:09)

  • Road to Manny Pacquiao fight (8:52)

    • Boxing is a team sport!

    • Game plan guy

  • Fight with Amir Khan, how did it come about? (15:02)

  • What does he do outside of boxing? (19:23)

    • Education was always very important

  • What does daily nutrition look like for a boxer? Weight cutting? (21:25)

  • How much is he working outside of boxing? (26:52)

    • Loves sharing his knowledge and education

    • Keeps sport safer

  • How much does supplementation play a part in his programming and lifestyle? (28:00)

  • Brain health and boxing (31:46)

    • More research will help the future

    • Diet, nutrition and keeping yourself educated

    • Always been tough, just didn’t show it

  • What is next for him? (38:18)



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