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Ep 74: Chris Dufey



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In this episode, Tony speaks with Online Personal Trainer, fitness business and Marketing Coach Chris Dufey. 

They go into detail about creating an online business and what you need to be successful in this field. Tony asks the question, how do you flip the switch with your personal/business lives.

Chris discusses his new book, Craving the Truth, and the guys go into depth with the steps needed to create a successful business. Find out this and much more on this episode of the Box N Life podcast.


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Show Notes/Topics Discussed


  • I help people build a better body and business (0:43)

  • Coaches have to earn their stripes before going online (3:37)

  • Can you build your personality? (6:48)

  • What sparked his passion? (8:30)

  • How do you turn the switch off? (9:15)

  • Craving the truth (15:06)

  • Ryan Munsey and similar mindsets (17:35)

  • Taking business (19:00)

  • World traveler and being the best version of yourself with your family (27:58)


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