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Ep 68: Mayweather v. McGregor Fight Breakdown

AUGUST 30th, 2017


In this episode, Tony and Glen break down the biggest fight in combat history!


They break down if the fight lived up to the hype. How Tony wanted Mayweather to lose based on the first encounter. Being emotionally attached to a fight and how having a personality is key to succeeding in this game.


The full break down of the fight (round by round), how marketing/social media play a huge impact on the success of a fighter/fight and what they believe is next for both men." Thank you again for the opportunity and I enjoyed hearing your breakdown of the fight. This was honestly my first boxing card I've watched fully.


Show Notes – Mayweather/McGregor Fight Breakdown


• Guys break down their thoughts on Mayweather/McGregor fight (2:10)

o All depends on who it is and what their background is

o Boxing has won at the end of the day

o Ultimate test of will and skill

o For the fan about the spectacle, for the fighter it is about the money

• Why Tony wanted Mayweather to lose (8:10)

o Completely dissed Tony when he first met him

• Emotionally attached to fight (13:15)

o Marketing/build-up

• Guys break down rounds (15:06)

o Expected Mayweather to come out more explosive

o Tony first posted clip of Conor’s uppercut on Floyd - Round 1

o Floyd’s struggled to find range and distance first 3 rounds

o Conor inexperienced as a boxer, didn’t know how to pace himself

o Floyd’s conditioning is in his body, didn’t affect him

o Rounds 8, 9 and 10 Floyd found his range

• What’s next for both men? (29:09)

o Mayweather is retiring for good

o Need to have full package to be great fighter

o Conor vs. Malignaggi next?

• Canelo/GGG preview – Having a personality key in this game/Social media (33:52)

o Need to put yourself out there


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